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Government Relationship Manager or GRM®

SeamlessGov is built with Government for Government.

A CRM designed with government for government (GRM®) to help strengthen the relationship between a government and its citizens, employees and vendors.

Features & Capabilities
Discover the power of the GRM™

Submission Lobby

Actionable Data through Filters & Sorting

Email Tools

Status Tracking Tools

Submission Routing

Conversations™ for Real-Time Messaging

Message Citizens, Staff & Vendors

Triggers™ for Status & Notification Management

Submission Assignment

User Permissions

GRM™ Capabilities

From commenting to creating and approving stages, the GRM™ enables you to
streamline and customize your workflow for ANY form..

Manage Workflow

You can easily set up custom stages for each form process to help you organize your submissions as they go through the process.  Make sure to use the convenient messaging tools to help you get the job done and have all emails in one place.

Set Notifications

A crucial step in any forms workflow is notifying the right people of status in process, missing information and more. Easily set when and how your staff or citizens receive notifications with Triggers in the GRM™.


Incorrect information on a submission? Curious about a particular field and would like feedback from other approvers on a form? Quickly comment right from your GRM™’s Submission manager to create a paper trail for future reference.

Assign Submissions

Need to delegate a submission to another staff member? Have a submission that needs special attention from someone else in your department? Quickly assign submissions with only a couple clicks.

Tag Submissions

Manage your workflow by tagging specific submissions based on their stage in process, relevant departments who need to view it and approve, and more.

Approve Stages

Double check all submissions by approving whether they should be in a specific stage or not. Ensure proper internal communication and compliance by reviewing other processors’ work.

Bulk Message

Quickly message multiple visitors, vendors, or internal staff by simply checking the box next to their submission and composing a message. Announce mass changes to a form, request group-wide feedback, and more quickly and easily by bulk messaging.

Upload Attachments

A citizen or staff member needs to submit additional information to their original submission? Quickly upload an attachment in the GRM™ to keep them up-to-date and in process.

Make Data Public

Want to make form submission data public for a municipality-wide initiative? Want to publish prior FOIA or Public Record requests? Seamlessly make your form data public with just a few clicks in the GRM™.

The Impact of SeamlessGov

What bringing your form processes online REALLY means:

Real Time Data

SeamlessGov will give you access to data in real time data so you can make more informed decisions.

Processing Tools

Our easy to use tools allow you to easily manage and track data as well as assign and message.

Online Forms

We can either take your existing PDFs and forms and bring them online or help you create new ones.

Save Time & Money

More efficient processes mean that you save both time and money on EVERY form submission.

Trusted by Hundreds of Governments

From small cities in New Jersey to some of the largest cities in the country, SeamlessGov is trusted to help digitize and automate existing government processes. We have built TONS of features WITH our customers and continue to add features almost every week.

"Excited to get this GRAMA portal up and running, it is going to make my job easier.  Thanks again for all of your help; you have definitely made our transition to going paperless easier than we thought it was going to be."

Cedar Hills


"Thanks for taking into consideration all of our feedback with the latest release.  We are super excited to be providing better digital services to our citizens!"


North Carolina

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