Turn Your PDFs Into Online Services [Webinar]

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to convert your PDFs into SERVICES with eSignatures, attachments & payments...

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October 24th, 2017

In 30 minutes learn how to take your PDFs, Word Docs, and non-fillable forms and transform them into online services with attachments, payments, and more for your staff and citizens - in minutes, not months. (Featuring a live demo)

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Andrew Liebelt

Director of Support & Knowledge
Featuring a Customer Success Story from..

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This free training Webinar will teach you:

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"Automate Your HR Forms In Minutes"

SeamlessGov Team

In this exclusive recorded webinar, learn how SeamlessGov works with HR departments across hundreds of governments to deliver better online services and increase efficiency for their employees. Senior Solutions Consultant Jade Littleton and Success Manager Andrew Liebelt are your hosts.

"Bringing Every Department Online"

Siloam Springs, AR

Holland Hayden, the City Communication Manager, discusses with Client Success Manager Andrew Liebelt about how she was able to get every department up and running with SeamlessGov. From converting forms to training and educating staff members, this is a true story in successful change management and internal innovation - and the citizens love the new experience too!

"Going Paperless"

Lee County, NC

IT Director Kyle Edwards of Lee County, NC discusses with Success Manager Andrew Liebelt the County's implementation of SeamlessGov, the process of going paperless, and much more. Kyle has been a true champion of SeamlessGov, and some of his accomplishments during launch include: converting 20+ forms in 24 hours, 17 departments with at least one SeamlessDoc, and 200 hours of processing saved.

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