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Special Events Collection

Event Registration with PayPal

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Event Registration with PayPal


So this event registration has all the 5 W's included: Who, What, Why, Where, & How. Does anyone know how How somehow slipped into the 5 W's? We polled the team and we were able to justify its membership by the last letter in hoW. I mean it is a W so while it isn't a perfect match, if it was good enough for my 2nd grade grammar teacher, than it is good enough for us. Oh yeah, and it is pretty beautiful with payment integration and a nice flow so at first you see the name and information of the event (even a map too) and then you click next to fill in your personal information to register. It is easy to customize and add or modify any questions you would like to answer. You can even add in payment options if you want like PayPal.

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    Special Events Collection

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