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March 2019

Warren Pitt

Director of HR/Payroll

I've been with the County since September 2004. I started in the auditor's office, then moved into this job in July of 2010, as Director of HR/Payroll. The position used to be 2 separate roles, but I consolidated the two roles into one. HR & Payroll work so closely together that you need someone supervising both. Every day is different! Some days we deal with a lot of HR issues and other days we'll be dealing with payroll issues – time clocks, time sheets, rates of pay, etc. I bounce back and forth, keeping up with everything that goes on. I'm also the HIPAA administrator for the County.

Randall County, TX

Seth speaks to the SeamlessDocs team in the February installment of the Seamless Speaker Series

Service is Beautiful

Q&A with this municipal champion

How did you get involved with local government?

2004 was my first job in local government. Before that I was an auditor for Brunswick Corporations. Then I worked for a CPA firm in Amarillo, then I came here. I've been around the block.

How did you first hear about SeamlessGov?

Our IT Director and District Attorney were looking at SeamlessDocs, and they contacted me asking if I could utilize it. My first thought was using it for our open enrollment, which used to be printed out for each employee, individualized, and given to each employee to show them the possible benefits & what they could sign up for. I started looking at all of our documents, and eventually got 10-15 documents out of just my office that are now digitized. Today I worked with 3 departments to help them get their digital forms up and running!

Why did you decide to go paperless?

I'm tired of all the paper! I've always felt that electronic processes are a much easier way to keep track of everything for retention and viewing purposes. It's a lot easier to go on my computer than go to a filing cabinet or an old dusty box. When I first took over this office, it was all paper and nothing was well-organized. It took me 2 years to get things organized, then we started going digital.

Paul accepts his Service is Beautiful Award from CEO & Founder Jonathon Ende

Seth accepts his Service is Beautiful Award from CEO & Founder Jonathon Ende

Beautiful government is when everyone respects each other and works together. When you work apart you're not gonna accomplish anything.

Warren Pitt

Director of HR/Payroll

Randall County, TX

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Town of Gilbert Stats

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  • 27 Forms

  • 12,677 Submissions

  • 15 Minutes Saved per Form

  • 3,169 Total Hours Saved

    (Submissions * Time Saved per Form = Total Time Saved)

Culver City Stats

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  • 115 Forms

  • 2,352 Submissions

  • 20.5 Submissions per Form on Average

  • 15 Minutes Saved per Form

  • 588 Total Hours Saved

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Leesburg Stats

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  • 5/5 User Credits

    143 SeamlessDocs

    15 Web Forms

    158 Total Forms

  • 2,790 Submissions

  • 17.7 Submissions per Form on Average

  • 15 Minutes Saved per Form

  • 697 Total Hours Saved

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Cedar Hills Stats

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  • 47 Forms

  • 2,201 Submissions

  • 46.8 Submissions per Form on Average

  • 15 Minutes Saved per Form

  • 550 Total Hours Saved

    (Submissions * Time Saved per Form = Total Time Saved)

What was implementation like?

There are several offices that wanted SeamlessDocs and like it now that it's been implemented. The problem is time – if people are too busy and don't have the time they don't want to look at it. I try to convince them that if they use SeamlessDocs, they'll have more time to spend!

One form or process that's been changed by SeamlessGov?

The big one is the employment applications – people apply through my office to jobs in the county. Before, it was a Word doc or PDF that they would fill out, print out, email or bring to us in paper form. Then, we would scan it in, save it as a retention item, and email it to the office they're applying for. Keeping track of people applying for "any position available" was especially tough previously. Through SeamlessDocs, they can now fill out an application for a specific job, esign, the application goes to us, then we forward that to proper office. We've received 369 digital applications since May of 2018.

Favorite SeamlessGov Feature?

The retention – I don't have to keep our submitted forms anywhere, the proof is inside SeamlessDocs. I can just look for everything in the system!

Advice for another municipality just starting out with SeamlessGov?

Go into it with an open mind and try and make it work for you. Once you try then you'll realize how good it is and you'll find other areas to make it work. You've got to be upbeat and positive. I have 11 documents from my office alone, and probably 4 or 5 other offices with digitized documents in them. I'm creating a couple more right now!

Gina Cho

Success Manager

Gina is a Client Success Manager at SeamlessDocs. She has experience working in the public sector and owning client relationships at another Tech Startup, Poppin. Gina attended Rutgers University where she studied Psychology and Public Health. Born and raised in New Jersey, she likes to travel and discover new places.

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