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March 2018

Kyle Edwards

IT Director

Kyle has worked with Lee County, NC since 2005. He started as an IT consultant, moved into a Network Administration role, and in 2008 he took over the IT Director position. For the last 10 years, Kyle has organized budgeting, personnel, and a bit of everything from computer monitors to connectivity in their server room. Their small 6 person team has made a huge impact on Lee County, NC.

Since 2008; they have built a secondary 911 Center, an Emergency Operations Center, and grown their storage area network 5TBs to a dual system with 4 controllers and 80TBs, and their VM Ware infrastructure was built in-house. Kyle found SeamlessDocs in his research for an e-signature product and realized the greater potential for this tool to increase efficiencies across ALL Departments. He converted 20 forms in a single day and 158 forms in 17 Departments in under 4 months! Kyle is a true SeamlessGov champion and a shining example of making Government Beautiful.

Seth speaks to the SeamlessDocs team in the February installment of the Seamless Speaker Series

Service is Beautiful

Q&A with this municipal champion

How did you get involved with local government?

I started out in the public sector when I was still in college in 2001. This first experience in the public sector was in IT so when I moved home and the option was available, the transition was pretty natural. I have 3-4 years of public experience. In the early 2000s, I was an IT Consultant for the Math Department at UNCG and moved on to the Gilford County Public School System to support the IT Department. From there, I was briefly in the Private Sector at a Pharma Company and then moved on to the IT Department at Lee County, NC.

How did you first hear about SeamlessDocs?

When I first started working at Lee County, NC, there was a desperate need for electronic forms. We were trying to made Adobe forms work, but they were too complicated and too involved. I started doing some research sometime in 2015 for forms products and came across SeamlessDocs. I reached out to Jade Littleton at that time for a demonstration of the solution.

Initially it was difficult to find the budget. There was no buy in from other departments. A year went by and I was finally able to bring SeamlessDocs onboard. I was the only user at first, but as soon as I got started, I knew this product fit all of our needs. The solution has snowballed ever since then. 

We had tried to make so many other products work, but it wasn't worth the time we put into it. Adobe wasn't terrible to create a form, but in hindsight, it was horrible comparatively. Compared to SeamlessDocs there were so many more steps, not as much flexibility, and you could not scan or start from scratch. The whole submission process with Adobe was a nightmare. We tried to build buttons to execute 2 functions; sometimes it would collect the data, but it was really complex trying to make it work.

Why did you decide to go paperless?

We had WAY too much paper and too many hand written processes, it killed me. 

Every time I wanted to make a personnel change, there would be multiple packets of paper, there would always be some mistake, and I would have to fill it out again and again. So much time was wasted and it became really expensive to order the papers. 

That Personnel Action Change Form drove me crazy. We would have to physically pass these packets around offices and the amount of paper was like nails on a chalkboard. I would walk around and see these outdated paper processes. The SeamlessDocs platform gives us the ability to maintain access to all of the submissions and search them via the platform. We can now go back to look at old records instead of them being stuck in the bottom of a filing cabinet or destroyed in a flood. Now all submissions are fully digital, consolidated in one place, and searchable.

Paul accepts his Service is Beautiful Award from CEO & Founder Jonathon Ende

Seth accepts his Service is Beautiful Award from CEO & Founder Jonathon Ende

"Making Government beautiful to me is using a product like SeamlessDocs to make life easier on a citizen. They have enough to deal with; their own responsibilities, their own family. Government should not be something that is on the back of their mind that they're dreading. They should be able to accomplish things with their government that are positive."

Kyle Edwards

IT Director

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Town of Gilbert Stats

Real results from this municipality

  • 27 Forms

  • 12,677 Submissions

  • 15 Minutes Saved per Form

  • 3,169 Total Hours Saved

    (Submissions * Time Saved per Form = Total Time Saved)

Culver City Stats

Real results from this municipality

  • 115 Forms

  • 2,352 Submissions

  • 20.5 Submissions per Form on Average

  • 15 Minutes Saved per Form

  • 588 Total Hours Saved

    (Submissions * Time Saved per Form = Total Time Saved)

Leesburg Stats

Real results from this municipality

  • 5/5 User Credits

    143 SeamlessDocs

    15 Web Forms

    158 Total Forms

  • 2,790 Submissions

  • 17.7 Submissions per Form on Average

  • 15 Minutes Saved per Form

  • 697 Total Hours Saved

    (Submissions * Time Saved per Form = Total Time Saved)

Cedar Hills Stats

Real results from this municipality

  • 47 Forms

  • 2,201 Submissions

  • 46.8 Submissions per Form on Average

  • 15 Minutes Saved per Form

  • 550 Total Hours Saved

    (Submissions * Time Saved per Form = Total Time Saved)

What was implementation like?

After my conversation with Jade, it took at least a year to even sign the contract. For a year, it was very hard to find buy in from other departments and generate interest.

When the contract was signed, I had a year to think about what forms I wanted to convert. By the time Andrew released our login, I sat down for 3-4 hours and was like a kid in a candy store. Converting and creating forms is very simple. You just upload, find the fields, make adjustments, and you are done. Having SeamlessDocs was like going to the toolbox and having all of the right tools at your fingertips.

One form or process that's been changed by SeamlessDocs?

The Environmental Health Department was largely improved by the SeamlessDocs Solution. They have 12 applications that citizens fill out for swimming pools, food truck permits, and anything related to environmental health. Prior to SeamlessDocs, citizens would have to go to website, find a printer, fax it in, fill it out, or come to the office. This was a tremendous amount of time for the citizen and subject to many errors.

All of those applications are now 'seamless' with SeamlessPay and the complete and total process can be done from the comfort of a citizens home. The old process would take upwards of at least 3-5 days to be filled out, mailed in, and approved. The new processes now takes less than an hour.

Favorite SeamlessGov Feature?

My favorite SeamlessGov feature is the Submission Rule Builder.

It is a huge upgrade to have the ability to automatically route things to specific staff members. Having multiple signatures on a particular document is also valuable to route to different people. The GRM is perfect for being able to track submissions and the Public Portal is just beautiful. We get a lot of compliments on our Portal and how easy it is to use and navigate. I know we've gotten a bit of help on the design and that is much appreciated. Prepare mode is also a tremendous help. A lot of forms need this and these features have made a big difference in our Municipality.

Advice for another municipality just starting out with SeamlessDocs?

The most helpful thing to do is to go ahead and build department specific use cases and forms as opposed to selling the product as one big bite. 

Convert and create some forms and let them see how it will make their lives so much easier and how a lot less paper and manual process is involved. Once they see it in action, they can't deny or argue that it makes so much more sense and would be a lot more successful. 

We have the 'Government is Beautiful' poster on our door and a few people initially came by curious about it, but now it's a household name around here

Andrew Liebelt

Success Manager

Andrew is the Director of Support & Knowledge at SeamlessDocs. He comes from another SaaS company that was acquired by Citrix, and attended Appalachian State University. Andrew is a North Carolina native who has traveled, lived around the world, and has settled in the most beautiful city in the country - New York! Personally he loves writing, filmmaking, cooking and helping SeamlessDocs' partners make their citizen interactions more beautiful!

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