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November 2018

Judy Hatch

GIS Coordinator/IT

I've been with Luna County since 2009, first as a contractor, then as full time employee in 2012. They hired me originally to get their website up and running, but when the State mandated that they move to GIS, I started working on the 911 systems. Now I'm the IT Network Administrator.

Seth speaks to the SeamlessDocs team in the February installment of the Seamless Speaker Series

Service is Beautiful

Q&A with this municipal champion

How did you get involved with local government?

When I was 16 I started working for Admission Technologies, a private company that did computer work for agencies from public schools to missile ranges to homeland security, so I have had my feet wet for government. But it wasn't until I actually got hired by the County Manager that I got involved in local government. When I first stepped in, the County website was down, but they were trying to get it up and running. I started off by cleaning up all their files, creating a brand new website, implementing an intranet for employees and then forms, basic website stuff.

How did you first hear about SeamlessDocs?

I think it was about 4 years ago that I was contacted by you guys. I really wanted to go for your services but the problem was convincing the whole county that it was beneficial. I kept going to them year after year until last year in August I had my performance evaluation and my director said he needed a work order system to be developed, because he can't see when the work orders are being submitted. I took the opportunity to say, "I've been showing you this!" and he said we've got to get it approved by the county. I presented to all the Department Directors and Deputy Chiefs (assessor, clerk). Once I showed them that you can digitize PTO requests, leave requests, overtime forms, and you can log in to see whose request it was, the county manager approved!

Why did you decide to go paperless?

In IT, everything's electronic, so for me it's easier to search for something when it's on a hard drive, rather than paper where you don't know where it's filed. Once I digitized certain processes (maintenance work order, IT work order), everyone saw the benefit of less paper: less cost on the county!

Paul accepts his Service is Beautiful Award from CEO & Founder Jonathon Ende

Seth accepts his Service is Beautiful Award from CEO & Founder Jonathon Ende

IT isn't directly involved with the public, but we're here to facilitate those people that are on the front lines to make it as easy as possible for the public to interact with us. Anything that I can do to assist with this is how I hope to Make Beautiful Government.

Judy Hatch

GIS Coordinator/IT

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What was implementation like?

The first forms that went up were PTO, comp time, and over time. From there, it was all the HR forms. Right as I was implementing, they hired a County Attorney who gave me a form (Personal Requisition Form) to digitize. The County Attorney really helped initiate some ideas of what we can do. It was pretty easy because creating a form is so intuitive! They give ideas, I create them.

One form or process that's been changed by SeamlessDocs?

Our IT Work orders – they were coming in via emails, saying what department was requesting. Now, we can keep track of when the work order was submitted, when completed, by whom, what hardware they use. And then you can search and give it to the county's commission. You can report on how many work orders came in, how many were completed, and how many are open and pending.

Favorite SeamlessGov Feature?

I like the fact that everything is searchable. The Detention Center used to fill out a word document, then formatting would get out of wack. The form has to go to a supervisor for signature, and then for final review through the Director of the Detention Center, who signs off. When we get audited, they don't have to go through boxes and boxes of paper. There's no need to print, because you can just search online.

Advice for another municipality just starting out with SeamlessDocs?

Think outside the box for once! Don't think "just this form or that form". You can use it just about for anything. There's online payment integrations, reservation-making capabilities. Just think creatively about how SeamlessDocs can be usable for more that just regular forms!

Angela Langston

Success Manager

Angela is the inaugural Chief Success Officer at SeamlessDocs, tasked with overseeing on-boarding, delivery, managed services, expansion, renewals, and support. Previously, Angela held multiple senior leadership positions at Accela. Building on her 15+ years of experience in government technology, Langston is taking SeamlessDocs’ existing Success program to the next level, ensuring that governments and their citizens leverage their SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to the fullest extent.

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