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5 Reasons Your Website Redesign MUST Consider a Form Solution

Considering a website redesign? Check out this exclusive White Paper about why it's a good idea to upgrade your online forms as well.

5 Reasons Your Website Redesign MUST Consider a Form Solution

Every website design, whether from scratch or a complete redesign is a massive undertaking. As the government experience specialists, SeamlessGov knows how important it is to provide the very best online services to your citizens. From business license applications to council calendars to everything in-between, websites are the first place your constituents go to interact with your municipality and they expect a Seamless experience. Oftentimes part of the motivation for that interaction is the citizens’ need to fill out and submit government forms.

Lee County IT Director Kyle Edwards was able to convert 20 PDFs into cloud-based forms that could be immediately placed on the county website in 24 hours - without upgrading the website itself

This exclusive white paper will cover:

  • The difference between a form builder and a form solution
  • Why internal form processing is just as important as external
  • Conditional logic and why it matters for your citizens
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