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Feature Friday

Use Activity Notification Emails on SeamlessDocs

Learn how to use Activity Notifications on your SeamlessDocs

Applicability: SeamlessDocs

As a signer on a SeamlessDoc, you’re automatically going to be notified by email when it’s your turn to sign off on the form, and when the last person in the signature workflow completes it. You can also use Activity Notification emails to notify people outside of the signature workflow of the status of completion.

Let’s say, for example, that you have an employment application converted into a SeamlessDoc. There are three people who need to add information and sign off on the application: (1) The initial applicant for a job; (2) an internal HR Analyst; and lastly (3) the department head for the job vacancy.

However, even though the HR Director doesn’t need to process the application themselves, they want to be given a heads up about who’s currently processing the submission. Use Activity Notification emails to have an email sent to the HR Director (as well as anybody else) when each of the three people in the workflow complete their part.


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