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Update Tab Order

Customize the order that applicants tab through forms

Allows SeamlessDoc Users to Change the Order of Fillable Fields That Cycle with the Tab Button

Applicability: Any form

Why: Many of our partners have developed routines that best fit their own particular data entry workflow. We received several functionality requests to be able to change the order in which fillable fields are selected when cycling with the tab button. SeamlessDocs knows that “it’s the little things that count” and we have now introduced this functionality as a result.In the SeamlessDoc linked above, you will notice that when you select a fillable field and tab through further fields, they cycle in a very erratic way.

We did this on purpose to illustrate to you the extent to which you can customize your data entry workflow via the tab button. You can now blaze through the fields of your SeamlessDoc in any order you desire. Now how Seamless is that?!Something unclear? Want to know more? Click here to schedule a short demo at your convenience.


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