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Feature Friday

Triggers in the GRM™

Send custom emails based on submission stage with Triggers!

Did you know that you can automatically send custom emails based on a submission’s stage, tag, and elapsed time?  Of course you can... using Triggers in the GRM™!

With Triggers, you’ll be able to send a pretyped email to a employee or applicant at the click of a button.  If a submission has been sitting ignored for too long, you can have it automatically tagged as “Urgent” and a custom notification will be sent to the appropriate person.

To set up a Trigger, you will first enter a form’s form’s Record Portal to set up your Tags.  Once those are set, you will click on the Bell icon at the top-right and select the cue that will “trigger” your action.  Then, you can decide what action will follow.

Now, you can simply tag a submission as “Follow Up” or “Needs more Info” and it will automatically send an email to the appropriate to the appropriate person making your life easier!


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