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Feature Friday

Thank You Page Redirect

Thank You Page Redirect

Thank You Page Redirect

Applicability: SeamlessDocs and Web Forms

Why: Have you ever redirected an end user to another website, instead of using the Thank You page? The custom Thank You page is great, but often it’s beneficial to reroute an end user to a web page with additional information, another SeamlessDoc or Web Form, or even the municipal website!

In order to set up an automatic redirect, for either a SeamlessDoc or a Web Form, go to “Settings” in the upper left-hand corner of the DocEditor or the Edit Mode of a Web Form. From there, select “Thank You Page…” Within that pop up, toggle “Redirect User” to YES and then enter the URL to the web address to which you’d like the end user to be redirected. It’s just that simple!


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