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SPECIAL: Encourage Citizens to Vote on Thank You Pages

Encourage citizens to vote in unique ways! See how you can use the Thank You page on your SeamlessDocs!

Applicability: SeamlessDocs and Web Forms

With the U.S. presidential election around the corner, we at SeamlessDocs would like to share a special #FeatureFriday this week! Through Thank You pages, you can encourage form submitters to participate in our electoral process!

In order to enable the “Rock the Vote!” message, go to the DocEditor/Form Builder and click on “Settings” and select the second option “Thank You Page.” From there, scroll down to the bottom of the pop out, and toggle “Enable Public Service Announcement” to Yes.

For form submitters, the Thank You page will now display the election message, along with the standard abilities to download the populated PDF and email off the submission. By clicking “Register Now” within the message, end users will be brought to www.voteplz.org, which displays the options to register to vote and check if you’re already registered!


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