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Space Formatting Tools on Web Forms

Space Formatting Tools on Web Forms

Applicability: Web Forms

The SeamlessDocs Web Forms provide an incredible user experience for people filling them out. Web Forms are completely accessible from any smart phones, tablets, laptops or computers. Using the space formatting tools on Web Forms enables administrators to create different sections and pages on the Web Forms!

Spacer: The Spacer tool separates varied sections by a horizontal line across the form. Many users of SeamlessDocs are using the Spacer tool to isolate different sections of information. For example, you might want to separate a contact information section from a comments section.

Section Break: While the Spacer tool enables administrative users to create isolated sections, the Section Break tool enables administrative users to create multiple pages. End users will then fill out a page, click a Next button, and continue onto another page before making a submission.

How would you use the Space Formatting tools to better organize your Web Forms?


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