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Signature Elements (Date Signed, Full Name, Initials)

Signature Elements (Date Signed, Full Name, Initials)

Use the Signature Tools

Applicability: On the Field Option Toolbar within the Doc Editor of a SeamlessDoc, have you ever explored the sub-fields under the “Signature” section? You can drag and drop Signatures fields, to build out a comprehensive signature workflow; but have you ever worked with the “Signature Initials”; “Date Signed” or “Signer Full Name” functionalities?

Below is an overview of those three fields, along with one example of how you could use each of them:

Signature Initials - Use initials in place of a full signature.

Date Signed - Every eSignature is recorded with a date and time stamp at which a given applicant signed, along with a correlated IP Address.

Signer Full Name - When creating an eSignature, a given signer is also typing out their full name, so “Signer Full Name” can take the place of the old-school, hand-written printed name.

How could you see yourself using these three types of sub-fields?


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