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Settings Permissions on Forms

Set permissions on your SeamlessDoc and Web Forms.

Applicability: SeamlessDocs & Web Forms

If you have multiple Administrative and/or Member users for your SeamlessDocs account, you can set user Permissions to dictate who can view, edit, delete and own all of your forms. User permissions can be set on a form-by-form basis.

In order to establish the user permissions on a form, first start off in the Lobby. For each of the forms, you’ll see a set of six icons on the right hand side of each of the rows. Click on the icon of a person, third over from the left.

A pop out called “Access Settings” will appear, will the form author listed as the only person who can see, edit and delete the form. You can add a user by clicking on “Add User” in the lower left hand corner of the pop out. You’ll then be prompted to select the user, and then organize if that user can view, edit and/or delete the form.

Keep in mind, Administrative users will always have access to all of the forms, as well as the ability to view, edit and delete the forms. However, Member users will need to be granted permissions to take any of those three actions.


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