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Podcast: The Daunting Challenge Of Updating Federal Government Technology

Hear from the President of SeamlessDocs Federal on the massive task of updating technology across hundreds of federal departments and agencies.

Podcast: The Daunting Challenge Of Updating Federal Government Technology

President of SeamlessDocs Federal Dan Tangherlini sits down with DC political and cultural commentator Kojo Nnamdi to discuss the challenges of updating technology within the Federal government on Nnamdi's weekly radio show on WAMU 88.5. Dan is also joined by another former GSA head, Phaedra Crousos, Chief Innovation Officer of Libra Group and Former Commissioner of the Technology Transformation Service under the GSA.

Listen below for a compelling discussion on the way Federal IT thinks about innovation and procurement. You'll hear interesting facts and figures like:

  • Maintaining old systems used up 75% of a recent billion dollar investment into Federal IT
  • Why 18F is like a startup and was founded (by Dan!) to help government better procure technology
  • Why government is a platform and should be more like Uber
  • Why maintaining old processes costs more than investing in transformational tech change

Learn more about Dan and SeamlessDocs Federal here.


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