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Renotify Signer

Let a needed signer know they still need to sign off on a form with Renotify

What happens if someone accidentally deletes an email invitation to sign off on a form?  What happens if a form has already been submitted but you need to change who will sign off on it?

Don’t fret!  We have the ability to renotify and notify a different signer!

From the Submission Manager, you can click on an individual submission to pull up the Submission Details pane.  Under Signature Status, you can see where the form is in the process of being signed.

If the form is waiting on someone to sign off, you can click “Renotify” to send them another email or “Notify a different signer” to send that email to someone else.

Now, if you’re ever in a situation where you need to resend a signature request, you don’t have to completely start over.  Just use our “Renotify” feature!


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