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Using Receipt Numbers

Manage submissions with unique strings or receipt numbers

Did you know that you can give each submission a unique identifier to help manage them?

Using the “Receipt Number” field on a Doc or a “Unique String” on a Web Form, you can include a string of characters and letters distinct to each submission.  You can even customize the format of the string and where the numbers will increment from.

For example, if you are receiving hundreds of FOIA requests, the clerk can differentiate each one by using the receipt number to identify each one.  Furthermore, they may choose to format it and start as  “FOIA-0001” or perhaps “CITYCLERK-0100-2017”.

By using a receipt number in conjunction with a record portal in the GRM, submitters can check on the status of their application by identifying their submission with the unique string rather than with personal information.

How can you use the receipt number on your forms?


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