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Receipt Number

Automatically Attach a Receipt Number to Forms

Allows SeamlessDoc Users to Automatically Attach a Receipt Number to Forms

Applicability: Any form

Why: Lots of form submissions can mean major headaches when a constituent drops by the office and you need to go looking for their submitted form. Or, one department wants to see a form that was submitted to another department but miscommunication results in the wrong form being pulled. We are the forms experts and we’ve heard it all. We get you.

The tried and true method of the past was to have a receipt number attached to each paper form. Just because your SeamlessDoc is paperless doesn't mean that you have to do away with the tried and true. While we at SeamlessGov are at the bleeding edge of government tech, we do indeed appreciate the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  

In the SeamlessDoc linked above, you will notice two things. First, the top page is filled-in because it is a completed and submitted page of a SeamlessDoc. Second, as a result of its being filled-in and submitted, a Receipt Number has been attached to the top margin. If you scroll down to the second page, you will notice that the header reads “For Agency Use Only.”

Thus, the workflow of this document is that a submitter has filled in the top sheet, automatically triggering the attachment of a receipt number, and now the approving authority has been sent the form to review, complete, and sign.Simplicity and continuity is the SeamlessGov way!


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