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Query Google Sheet

Query Google Sheets and make it easier & quicker for applicants to complete forms.

Link forms to Google Sheets and automatically populate applicants information across your forms. 

Applicability: Web Forms

Why: Applicants are often filling in the same information on multiple forms year after year and organizations often have this information already databased or in their records. SeamlessDocs’ new Query Google Sheets feature enables you to make it easier and quicker for applicants to fill in their information.

Simply upload your spreadsheet with applicants data to Google Docs and “Publish to the the Web”. Then copy and paste the Google Sheet’s URL into the Inspector of your Web Form.

Now when applicants go to fill in their information it will pull this data from your Google Sheet and automatically populate the form with all their information. Of course, this information can still be edited and changed, but applicants can now complete forms in seconds.


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