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Preparer Mode (Update)

Save time by preparing a form before it goes to first signer

Preparer mode - Updated with new functionality

Did you know that you can fill out a form before it goes to the first signer?

Sometimes forms require information to be filled out before being sent to the first signer.   For example, an employee or staff member might need to enter information into a form but only the supervisor needs to sign off.  We call this person who fills out a form before the first signer a “Preparer.”

To view the form as a preparer, from the Live view, simply click “View” and then “View as Preparer” or just add /prepare to the end of the URL link and begin to pre populate information into the form.  Once completed, your preparer will be asked for the name and email address of the person they’ve prepared the doc for.

This feature is great for forms ranging from council agenda item requests to employee offer letters.

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