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What's New

October is Accessibility Month!

Look out for a full month of Accessibility-related product updates, content releases, and more!

For over 5 years, SeamlessGov has been at the forefront of providing accessible online solutions for state and local governments. By empowering hundreds of governments to digitize their City Hall, we have been democratizing government services, enabling more citizens than ever before to interact with these services from any location, browser, or device.

One of our biggest priorities in developing accessible online services is ensuring that any and every constituent can access them. Individuals with vision, hearing, and language impairments should have equitable access to the services available to other citizens. We optimize our software to be compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies, with built-in brightness and contrast adjustments, and a native translation tool for non-native English speakers. Our goal is to equip governments with a robust platform that meets the needs of its various constituents.

To honor the importance of accessibility in government, we are excited to announce October as Accessibility Month! As part of this campaign, look out for exciting product launches, content releases, and more – all in an effort to Make Government Accessible!


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