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[NEW] Submission Data Privacy

Now be able to encrypt your PDFs and exclude specific data from submission notifications!

As a form administrator, would you like to protect sensitive data upon form submission with your SeamlessDocs?

In your SeamlessGov account, you can now both encrypt your PDFs so that the information is not publicly visible, and exclude sensitive data from being included in submission notification emails. Let's dive into the 2 new features:

PDF Encryption

You can encrypt PDFs so that they are only viewable by those with the password. This protects all methods of accessing the PDF of a submission including email notifications and the submission manager.

NOTE: This is different than encrypting data on a field-by-field basis, as it encrypts the entire PDF.

Attempting to open a downloaded encrypted PDF file (in Preview) prompts user to input password

How to Enable PDF Encryption:

  • From the Doc Editor, click Settings then Advanced
  • Under Encryption Options, toggle Enable PDF Encryption to "On"
  • Add the password that will be required to view the PDF and click Save
  • NOTE: PDF Encryption is only available on SeamlessDocs with at least one signature.

Learn more about PDF encryption by visiting our Knowledge Base.

Data Exclusion

You may not always want to include the data from your forms in your email notifications.

For example, you might want a notification that a form has been submitted, but it may include personal data that you don't want to include in the email itself.

When submission notifications are sent, they include all the data from the submission by default:

You can remove submission data from each type of notification, including submission notifications and submission receipts. 

Learn more about data exclusion by visiting our Knowledge Base.

These settings are now live in your SeamlessGov Account

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