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[NEW] PDF Inclusion Settings

Want to control what users see upon completion of a form? Check out what's coming soon..

Have an Employee Review Form don't want the employee to see your comments upon form submission? Want end users to get a doc completion notification but not see further comments on the form? Coming this Monday, June 19th, 2017, PDF Inclusion Settings will allow you to do all that and more.

PDF Inclusion settings will give form creators the ability to disable the inclusion of PDFs (as link and/or attachment) in the Thank You page, email notifications, and manage signers. This new feature can be used to disable the inclusion of PDFs as links and/or attachments, and can be found under the following settings:

Settings > Thank You Page > “Show PDF Preview”‍

Thank you page without PDF Preview Enabled

Settings > Custom Email Settings > “Submission Notifications” | “Submission Receipts” | “Activity Notifications”

Email notification without PDF inclusion enabled

“Signers” > “Manage Signers” > Envelope Icon-enabled message settings

Completion email without any PDF inclusion enabled

Receipt without PDFs Enabled

This feature is available for all form types, wherever PDF inclusion in notifications is an option.


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