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(NEW) Active Directory Login Integration

Login to SeamlessGov with your Active Directory credentials for a more Seamless workflow!
If your organization is already using Active Directory, you can now take advantage of our login integration! This means your system admin can set up your SeamlessGov account to accept the same credentials you already use to login to other services at work.

This robust new feature will allow you to access your account in a way that is simple, secure, and truly Seamless. Setup is simple and is configurable to the different AD connections that your organization provides.

Once your organization has been set up with the Active Directory Integration on their SeamlessGov account, you will be presented with the following options on the 'Sign In' page:

New 'Sign In' page

To login, click on the blue button that best describes the connection you associate with (button labels will vary based on an organization's Active Directory preferences).

From here you will be directed to an authorization login screen, where you can proceed to enter your existing Active Directory credentials (i.e. the same username and password combination you would use to login to other services at work).

‍Here, you will enter your Active Directory credentials and will be granted access to the platform.

And there you have it. Additionally, with this login integration, a few benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Sign into your SeamlessGov account using your same user session being used to access other systems within your organization
  • Only one set of credentials needed
  • Increased security and access control
  • Uniformity of user details across platforms

If you are interested in adding an Active Directory integration to your SeamlessGov subscription (or if you have any questions regarding your Active Directory connection), you can reach out to your SeamlessGov Success Manager to inquire about pricing and/or next steps. If you are not sure how to contact your Success Manager, call or email Support at 855-77-SEAMLESS or support@seamlessdocs.com.

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