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Merge Fields

Merge up to 3 fields in your web form and instead having 3 lines for three different pieces of information, condense these all into 1 line.

Merge up to three fields in your web form, to condense information and make it easier and faster for applicants to fill out. 

Applicability: Web Forms & Wizards

Why: Sometimes web forms can look tedious and daunting, especially if they are long and require applicants to scroll down through many fields. With SeamlessDocs web form builder you can merge up to 3 fields to compress forms and make them easier and quicker for users to fill out.

You can merge three types of form elements (1) Single Line Input (2) Multiple Line Input and (3) Drop Down Select. To merge any of these elements hold the shift key and select up to three fields. Once you have your fields selected, right click and in the menu that appears choose Merge.


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