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Feature Friday

If Statements in Calculations

Use IF Statements in Calculations

Use IF Statements in Calculations

Applicability: Docs

Why: Did you know you can set up field to field calculations on your SeamlessDocs? This is helpful for a wide variety of forms ranging from tax forms to purchases orders. Instead of having to count on your fingers your smart SeamlessDoc form will do the work for you and ensure there are no mistakes!

On top of this you can even use IF statements in your calculations. All IF statements should be formatted as follows:

IF (ConditionValue if TrueValue if False)

Condition is any True or False Statement. For example, you can compare a field to a value such as F1 > 5 or a field to another field such as F1 = F2

The Value if True means if the condition is true, the field will display that first value.

The Value if False means that if the condition is false, it will display the second value.


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