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Creating Groups in the GRM®

Automatically notify, assign, or tag a predetermined set of Users

Groups allow you to automatically notify, assign, or tag a predetermined set of Users in your GRM®

Groups are exclusive to the GRM®. By creating group assignments, various members of a department can process a submission. This ensures correct user access without having to rely on any specific staff members.

Groups allow you to add certain users (through their email) together so that you don't have to tag each user individually. For example, if an entire Human Resources team needs to be added to every submission, you could add them all into an HR group and assign them to a submission all at one time.

Creating Groups:

1. Groups can be created by logging into the GRM® as an Owner

2. Click on your name on the upper right hand corner

3. Scroll down and click into 'Site Settings' and click on the 'Groups' Tab

4. 'Create Group' and add the emails of the desired users and hit the second orange 'Create Group' button

NOTE: The user must be already set up as a user of the GRM® before they can be added to a group

Groups in the GRM®

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