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Getting Department Buy in with SeamlessDocs

3 Helpful Pointers to Getting Department Engagement

Getting Department buy in and engagement for any software tool can be a challenge.  Here are some helpful pointers on a successful roll out. Special thanks to Sarah Elkins of Helena, MT for the inspiration!

1. Same Form, Just ONLINE

Your new online form can still look and work like your offline version. No one likes change, and by being able to keep your old form, you don't have to make a major shift in how you operate.

2: Start Saying YES!

By accepting online forms, you can start saying, "Yes." Government employees are used to being the bad guys when it comes to answering "can I do that online?"  Now you can start saying yes, which both allows you to provide better service while also making your job easier.

3: Always Be Helping (ABH)

Help us to help you! SeamlessDocs has prepared some great internal presentations and videos that you can share online. We also have daily webinars to make training and onboarding a breeze. As always your Success Team is standing by to do whatever we can do to help!

We would love to hear from you! How do you help your government bring on new software?  How have you found success distributing new tools within departments?


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