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Employee Spotlight: Amy Pierce

Learn more about a day in the life of a Solutions Consultant at SeamlessGov

We sat down with Amy Pierce, Solutions Consultant at SeamlessGov, to learn more about her experiences, motivations, and aspirations.

Name: Amy Pierce

Nicknames: AP, Ame, Ames, Big City Amy, Downtown Guns

Title: Solutions Consultant

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Tell us a little about yourself:

Born and raised in New York City, I spent most of my life on Staten Island. At 17 I moved down to Florida and attended Flagler College where I majored in Political Science, English, and Sociology. After graduating I moved back up to New York to explore job opportunities in Manhattan, and be closer to my family. I still spend a decent amount of time in Florida visiting friends, family, and the beach. I love music. Though I haven't mastered any instruments (yet) I consider myself to be somewhat of a classic rock aficionado. On the weekends I'm usually skipping through thrift stores digging through piles of old albums.

Specific role in company: 

As a Solutions Consultant it's my job to understand municipalities' pain points and struggles with their form processes - as well as show them what a "paperless" government would look like. Though I'm primarily focused on local government, I'm also involved with the Federal side of SeamlessGov. Working beside Dan Tangherlini, President of SeamlessGov Federal, I consult with Federal agencies to discuss the issues they're facing with incumbent paper-based processes, and from there explore what the perfect online solution to those challenges looks like.

Before SeamlessGov

I was lost! Having a liberal arts degree, I had pretty much given up on finding a job in my field. Right before I found SeamlessGov (or, rather, SeamlessGov found me) I was working in a plastic surgeon's office on the Upper East Side coordinating events and managing their social media presence.

Favorite SeamlessGov feature:

FormFill! Coming from a medical office background, I can tell you for certain, nobody likes writing their name 10,000 times on the same form. It's simple, but super freaking useful.

Favorite SeamlessGov Memory:

On my second round of interviews I was playing foosball with our hiring manager, and told him if I won he had to give me the job. I'm not saying it's why I got the job, but I definitely work here.

What sets SeamlessGov apart from other companies? 

Although SeamlessGov specializes in form processes and websites, at the end of the day we really are a PARTNER to Governments. Making Government Beautiful isn't about allowing forms to be submitted digitally through a beautiful website, it's about creating a user-friendly and effective means of communication between constituents and their governing body. Whatever challenges exist in that relationship, we're helping bridge the gap and bring that conversation into the twenty-first century.

What does “Government is Beautiful” mean to you? 

For me, the most amazing thing about software and technology is its ability to seriously improve the lives of users and customers. I love being able to point to something that I helped build and know that it helped solve a real problem someone had. A citizen filling out a form online might not know that they're using our product, but they do know that the interaction was as seamless as possible. 

Advice for someone considering a role at SeamlessGov? 

You can make a difference! The best part about working at SeamlessGov is we are actively effecting the way citizens interact with government. You can be a part of the reason a single mother doesn't have to take off work to apply for housing, or a senior citizen doesn't have to drive all the way down to city hall to apply for a parking permit. It's a pretty powerful experience.

GIF Describing Me:

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