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Feature Friday

Decline to Sign on SeamlessDocs

Learn how to decline to sign a SeamlessDocs.

Did you know that as someone in the signature workflow, you can opt to decline to sign a form submission? By declining to sign, you are ending the lifetime of a submission, which alerts the initial applicant of the form that the submission isn’t going to be further processed.

Any signer in the signature workflow can decline to sign by clicking on the “Decline” icon on the bottom right of the Live View, next to the “Submit and Sign” button. Declining to sign will stop the form wherever it is in the signature workflow, and will notify all previous signers on the form via email.

Upon declining to sign, a signer will be prompted to enter a reason for the denial. This reason will be part of the email that is sent to all previous signers. Although SeamlessDocs are functional enough to assure you’re getting the correct information the first time around, there are many reasons why a given form submission shouldn’t be pushed forward for additional processing.


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