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Customize the Field Font Formatting on SeamlessDocs

Learn how to customize the font on your SeamlessDocs!

Customize the Field Font Formatting on SeamlessDocs

Applicability: SeamlessDocs

Did you know that you can customize the font that appears in Text Fields on SeamlessDocs? The most important part of any form is the information input, but often times, the way in which information displays is just as essential. Customize anything from the color and size of the text, to the font style and letter/word/line spacing.

Open the Advanced Field Settings by clicking on the gear icon located on the right-hand side of the field toolbar. Click on the gear icon to the right of the actual field and select “More Options.” The Field Font Formatting section is about halfway down the Advanced Field Settings pop up box.

There’s a multitude of reasons to customize the font for a Text Field. You may want to have certain pieces of data stand out. You may want to make negative values red, and positive values green. You may want to italicize or underline information that’s imperative. Totally up to you and totally customizable!


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