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Checking the Boxes: Reflections from SeamlessDocs' Inaugural Chief Success Officer

Angela Langston reflects on why she joined the SeamlessGov team and how she'll be transforming the Success program.

I couldn’t be more excited to join SeamlessDocs as their inaugural Chief Success Officer.  I eagerly look forward to sharing how our platform for government enables paper to be left behind by digitizing forms and processes.  This is exactly what we, as citizens, are looking for when interacting with government.  Technology that seamlessly moves us through the process as quickly, intuitively, and engagingly as possible.

What an amazing team of individuals who, like me, recognize that the very foundation of our government and all that it offers to us as citizens, is a truly beautiful thing.  And, also like me, are committed to debunking the myth that interacting with government has to be an experience that we, as citizens, dread.  Rather, it can be genuinely seamless through the technologies available to us today.

In just a few years, hundreds of Cities, Counties, and States have selected our software to digitize and manage their forms through this SaaS (Software as a Service) offering.  This is an extremely impressive number!  It’s rare to see a solution that can scale to accommodate Cities from Princeton, NJ to Sacramento, CA to Seattle, WA to the State of Nevada. 

The rapid adoption by so many diverse government agencies is a testament to the ease of use, flexibility, and scalability of the software.  That our mission, Government is Beautiful, guides us through digitizing each interaction to ensure success is a true differentiator.  It is for this reason that I feel extremely blessed to bring my 15+ years of government technology experience to the company. 

It was a completely natural fit for me.  A team that already believes in the ability to make the unthinkable a reality, the complex simple, and the unintuitive intuitive.  A team committed to a beautiful journey as it becomes The Government Platform of choice for government agencies looking to connect digitally with those that they do business with locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.  

SeamlessDocs CEO, Jonathon Ende, believes in the power of expanding through meaningful engagement one interaction at a time.  The sum of these interactions creates a beautiful experience through ease of use, best practices, and open architecture.  Our shared passion for the creation of a seamless journey that connects government and citizens through leveraging all the platform has to offer is what inspired me to join the team.

As Chief Success Officer, I’ll be dedicated to a journey that creates a beautiful experience one interaction at a time. Through domain expertise, product knowledge, and thought leadership we’ll focus on quick wins that result in increased adoption and expansion.  Folders of best practices will be packaged and strategically productized for rapid deployment.  On-going education, training, change management, and system administration offerings will be enhanced to meet the everyday needs of our partners.  This couldn’t be a more exciting time!

For me, SeamlessDocs checks all the boxes.  I eagerly look forward to sharing with each and every one of you everything that SeamlessGov has to offer today and what’s to come. In this role, I will ensure that Government has everything it needs to create extraordinary interactions with each and every one of us! We’ll be changing your perspective of what it means to interact with government one engagement at a time.


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