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Feature Friday

Ask a Question

Allows users to ask a question about forms while completing them.

Allows SeamlessDoc Users to Request Clarification About Any Fillable Field

Applicability: Any form

Why: We’ve all been there. There’s a form due today that you started days ago but stopped when you reached a question for which you needed guidance. We all have trouble at times understanding the nature of the question being asked. SeamlessGov understands and we just made your life a lot less disorganized and stressful.

This feature allows a user to request clarification regarding any fillable field in a SeamlessDoc and save your progress to be completed upon receiving an answer to your question. Spring cleaning for the serial procrastinator in us all.Something unclear? Want to know more? Click this link, check it out, , click on “Do you have a question?”, ask any question not covered here, fall in love. Wash, rinse, repeat.


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