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Feature Friday

Send Form Links Directly from the Lobby

Learn how the City of Stockbridge, GA's is saving time for staff and citizens!

Applicability: SeamlessDocs and Web Forms

All SeamlessDoc and Web Form URL links can be posted on your municipal website for citizens and internal staff to access, but did you know that you can also send form links directly through the Lobby?

For example, let’s say a constituent calls in looking for a given form to submit, you can simply sign into the platform and click on the “Invite Signer(s)” icon, listed on the far right side of the Lobby.

After clicking on the icon, you’ll be prompted to enter one or more email addresses to which the form will be sent. You can additionally customize the message in the email, preview the email being sent out and invite the requester of the form to be a Preparer.

This functionality provides an easy user experience for both you and the person looking to make a submission. What benefits can you see from sending form links directly from the Lobby?


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