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Adjust Your SEO Settings

Adjust Your SEO Settings

Applicability: SeamlessDocs & Web Forms

Did you know that you can adjust your SEO settings on a form-by-form basis to make your SeamlessDocs and Web Forms more accessible from various search engines? By default, we include settings in your form that don’t allow search engines to see your form and place it into their search results, but it’s very easy to change these settings.

From within the DocEditor, go to “Settings” ---> “General…” From there, you’ll see “SEO Options” on the right-hand side of the pop out. From that section, you can toggle two options to “Yes” or “No”:

Allow the Search Engines to Place Your Form in Their Results? AND Allow the Search Engines to follow links in your form?

You can also submit the form web address to the search engines manually by using a couple links on the pop out. By setting your SEO Settings to “Yes,” your forms can get increased numbers of views and overall submissions.


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