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Address Autocomplete

Use google maps to auto complete your address fields

Use Address Autocomplete to make it easier for applicants to fill in their address and ensure you are getting valid information.

Feature Name: Address Autocomplete

Applicability: Forms

Why: SeamlessDocs feature ‘Address Autocomplete’, enables you to make it easier for your applicants to fill in their address’ on forms. Using Address Autocomplete applicants will begin to type their address on the form and it will automatically pull options from Google Maps. Now they can choose their address from the list provided ensuring that it is in the proper format and add in additional information that may be needed (ie: Apt Number, PO Box etc). This makes it faster and more efficient for applicants filling out their address on forms. In addition to ensuring that applicants applying for a permit or license are using a legal address.(1) See below the end user will type in their information and valid address will pull from Google Maps.

(2) Now they can choose the correct option and that address will automatically populate those fields on the form.


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