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Adding Links to Forms

Adding Links to Forms

Add Links to Forms

Applicability: ALL

Why: When creating SeamlessDocs, you can add URL links directly to the forms. The URL links may relate directly to the form itself, or they may help to redirect end users to other applicable web pages.

In order to add a URL link while in the Edit Mode of a SeamlessDoc, go to the “Specialty” section on the field elements bar on the left-hand side. Within that section, you’ll see the “Link” element, which you can drag and drop onto the SeamlessDoc.

From here, you’ll have to enter three pieces of information: (1) The blue text that is displayed on the actual form; (2) the URL link itself in proper format; and (3) the field title that is shown in the Submissions Manager.

You can have an unlimited number of URL links on your SeamlessDocs, so you can make all of your form processes that much easier for internal staff and constituents!


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