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Adding an Image Gallery to a Web Form

Add an Image Gallery to your Web Forms!

Applicability: Web Forms

Did you know that you can add Image Galleries to Web Forms? The Image Gallery groups an unlimited number of pictures together, and end users can click on any of those pictures to make the given image larger.

All of the pictures uploaded to the Image Gallery will appear in smaller boxes in a row, and the enlarged image will appear just above the row. The Image Gallery accepts many different file types, including .jpegs, .pngs, .gifs and screenshots. To upload the file(s) to the Image Gallery, simply click on the gear icon on the upper-right of the Image Gallery tool, and then click “Select Images.”

Government clients are using these Image Galleries to display many pictures together, in a very user-friendly interface. For example, a customer may make a Web Form for an Event Registration, and then add an Image Gallery to show pictures from the same event that took place last year.


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