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Add Numeric Values to Options Within a Select Menu

Learn how to set up calculations with drop down menus!

Add Numeric Values to Options Within a Select Menu

Applicability: SeamlessDocs

Did you know you can set static, numeric values to the options you create within Select Menus? Each of the individual options can associate with its own number, so Select Menus can be used in calculations.

For example, let’s say you set up a Select Menu for an end user to choose a given park on a reservation form. Each of the parks within the municipality cost a different amount to rent, and based upon which of the options an end user selects, he or she will be charged a certain fee.

The ability to add values to options within Select Menu pertains to a variety of use cases, across departments, for internal and external forms alike. For information on how to add calculations to Select Menus, visit our blog, The Paper Jam!


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