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Feature Friday

Add a Submission Limit to Your Forms

Learn h0ow to limit the Number of Submissions you receive on a specific form.

Add a Submission Limit to your forms and restrict the number of applications you receive.

There are a number of reasons why someone creating a form might want to limit its number of submissions. For example, let’s say you create a Basketball Registration, and you only want to accept 20 submissions so that the team roster doesn’t get too big, limiting the number of submissions is a perfect solution.

The process of limiting the number of form submissions is the same for a SeamlessDoc and a Web Form. Within the Edit view for both a SeamlessDoc and a Web Form, go to the toolbar on the upper-left of the page and click the “Settings” drop-down -----> “General...” -----> and scroll down “General Settings” until you reach the option for “Limit Submissions.” Simply enter the submission limit number and remember to click save on the lower-right.

If an applicant attempts to access a form that’s reached its submission limit, they’ll receive a notification saying “Maximum Submissions Reached.”


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