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Add a Date Picker Field to Your Form

Add a Date Picker Field to Your Form

Applicability: SeamlessDocs & Web Forms

Did you know you can add Date Picker fields to both SeamlessDocs and Web Forms? These Date Picker fields provide user-friendly experiences for end users entering dates on documents.

An interactive calendar pop-up appears when an end user clicks on the field, and then it’s just as easy as clicking on a date. Additionally, for Web Forms, end users have the option of selecting a specific time of day, down to the minute.

For SeamlessDocs and Web Forms, administrators can select one of five formatting options for the date:

  1. Month Day, Year
  2. Month/Day/Year
  3. Month/Year
  4. Day/Month/Year
  5. Year-Month-Day

Not only do these Date Picker fields provide an interactive and aesthetic experience in providing dates, they also ensure that every date input looks uniform once the submissions come in.


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