What is the Service is Beautiful Award?

Honoring the innovators among us.

SeamlessDocs has the fundamental belief that government is beautiful. Through our experience working with hundreds of governments in 48 states, we have seen firsthand how beautiful government processes can be. 

With that in mind, we have created the Service of Beautiful Award to recognize, honor and show gratitude to the public servants, government administrators, and champions of change who push the envelope every day. 

Service is Beautiful
is dedicated to those innovators who give us the hope and boundless creativity to continue to build the next generation of government technology solutions.

Thank you for your continued inspiration.

Jonathon Ende

Founder, CEO

Why Innovate?

"A citizen's time is valuable. If he’s on the train an hour and can get stuff done in that time (by filling out a SeamlessDoc) then that achievement - that technology enables - is SO important to me as a government professional."

PAUL ALLENA, Somerville NJ

Service is Beautiful Winners

Meet the people behind local government innovation.

Service is Beautiful Inspiration

What is a "Governator"?

by Taylor Engstrom


Trusted by Hundreds of Governments

From small cities in New Jersey to some of the largest cities in the country, SeamlessGov is trusted to help digitize and automate existing government processes. We have built TONS of features WITH our customers and continue to add features almost every week.

"Excited to get this GRAMA portal up and running, it is going to make my job easier.  Thanks again for all of your help; you have definitely made our transition to going paperless easier than we thought it was going to be."

Cedar Hills


"Thanks for taking into consideration all of our feedback with the latest release.  We are super excited to be providing better digital services to our citizens!"


North Carolina

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