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North Carolina Public Records Law Request Form

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North Carolina

Public Records Law Form


The North Carolina Public Records Law allows the public to have access to governmental public records within North Carolina. Any citizen is permitted to submit a request to North Carolina. There are no restrictions on the type of records citizens are allowed to request. This is a template form for requesting public records in North Carolina.

Name of State Act:

Public Records Law

  • Exemptions:

    Confidential legal communications, criminal investigations, intelligence information

  • Response Time:


  • Restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions about

North Carolina Public Records Law Request Form

We have curated some of the most commonly asked questions for you.

Does the public have the right of direct access to public record files?

There is no specification in the Public Records Law of how the public must access public records. The means of access is left to the discretion of the agency. The public should not be given direct access if such an action would compromise the security and safety of the records themselves. Common sense urges caution where valuable records are concerned. Hard copy and digital file storage areas may contain both "open" and "closed" records material, and the alteration, destruction, or theft of files represent clear dangers to public records.

If a member of the public demands access that the agency believes will compromise records security but that is not otherwise clearly prohibited in federal or state statutes, that agency is urged to contact the division for guidance.

What makes a public record confidential? 

Any federal or state statutes and/or regulations that designate a public record as confidential.

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