What is a GRM™?

Taylor Engstrom
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The first of its kind, the GRM™ stands for Government Relationship Manager.

What is a Government Relationship Manager, you ask? Before we can talk about the Government Relationship Manager, we need to talk about the Customer Relationship Manager - or CRM.

A CRM is a multifaceted system or platform made for business that allows you to track, manage, and interact with both your customers and staff who own those relationships and books of business. Popularized by the technology company Salesforce.com (NYSE: $CRM), CRMs have become innocuous in client service business, especially in industries like tech, publishing, media and telecommunications.

Salesforce itself explains CRM thusly: “At the most basic level, CRM means putting account and contact information in a central and accessible place so you accelerate and streamline the sales process

So what does that mean for you, as a government employee? After working with hundreds of governments, SeamlessDocs introduces The Government Relationship Manager, or GRM™, the first ever CRM designed WITH government FOR government. Now you can manage your client interactions from one central command center, just like many B2B businesses manage their client relationships.

Sound too far fetched? Read ahead to discover how the GRM™ fundamentally changes the way you process form submissions and manage your internal workflow.