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End of Year Survey Form

As the year comes to a close, asking citizens about their experiences with your city government and as members of the community is a great way to start the upcoming year. Use the Anonymous City End of Year Citizen Survey Short Form to get valuable anonymous feedback from your citizens to help your government make improvements next year.

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Public Records Request Form

This is a public records request form, a staple form for any clerk in every small city

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Special Event Application

Citizens will routinely desire to hold a special event in a public forum or facility. Without a streamlined process for intaking these applications, government workers can waste hundreds of hours of time printing, scanning, and re-routing documents between departments. Use the Special Event Application to create an application for events that saves your constituents time, and your staff money.

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Employment Application

This is an employment application, you can send out or post this form on a website. Anyone can fill it out in order to apply for a position.

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Check out how a recent government went SEAMLESS!

Tamarac, FL Consent for Direct Deposit

Automate Vendor Direct Deposit Requests

Tamarac was previously using a static, non-fillable PDF form to have vendors request Direct Deposit to get paid faster by the city. With SeamlessDocs, the form was converted into an easy-to-use and intuitive Wizard that could be quickly accessed by clicking the URL on the vendor section of the website. The vendor could now fill out the form from anywhere on any device, and in seconds was cleared to receive payment through direct deposit from Tamarac.

Benefits of SeamlessGov

Other than bringing your city hall online there are many benefits.

Real Time Data

SeamlessDocs will give you access to data in real time data so you can make more informed decisions.

Processing Tools

Our easy to use tools allow you to easily manage and track data as well as assign and message.

Online Forms

We can either take your existing PDFs and forms and bring them online or help you create new ones.

Save Time & Money

More efficient processes mean that you save both time and money on EVERY form submission.

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